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White Vinegar: An Eco-Friendly Cleaner

White vinegar is effective at eliminating odors. When planning to cook with foods that emit especially strong and lingering odors, such as browning garlic or broiling fish, prior to cooking, fill a bowl with white vinegar and a couple of drops of tea tree oil (if you have it on hand, if not no worries) and place it on the counter in the kitchen until the following morning.

White vinegar may be used to combat mildew. Instead of discarding the vinegar, acquire a clean or new spray bottle. Fill the bottle with the white vinegar or white vinegar + tea tree oil solution and spray on your shower walls to prevent mildew.

White vinegar for shiny pot lids. Fill your sink with warm water with white vinegar added. Add your pot lids. Let soak. Then wash as usual with dish detergent, rinse and dry.

White vinegar may be used as a disinfectant. Add baking soda to vinegar to disinfect non-marble counters and other kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Then scour and rinse with clear water.

These are just a few of the many ways to use white vinegar as a household cleaner and odor neutralizer, and according to scientists investigating the psychological effects of cleaning and decluttering our home and work settings, they are mood boosters!

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