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Nobody's Perfect

“I was having fun. Snowboarding is fun. I was feeling great that I was ahead. I wanted to share with the crowd my enthusiasm. I messed up, and oh well, it happens.” - Lindsey Jacobellis, 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist

While watching the X games today, the commentator noted that snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis is not strong at starting but is strong at picking up her speed. Jacobellis focuses not on being a better starter, but on improving her speed. She is a fine example of accepting a relative weakness while capitalizing on a strength. In doing so she demonstrates self-compassion, self acceptance and solid self esteem. After Jacobellis won the gold at the X Games today, she stated how difficult it was to see and stay in the lines but that it was better to wipe out than not try. Jacobellis is not focused on perfection, but on doing her best. A fine example of solid self-esteem. Self-esteem based on self-compassion and self-acceptance – and a whole lot of practicing.

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