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Build Mental Stamina

Stamina is key to handling life well. So, building stamina is a necessary component of a successful life. If you are low in stamina, pushing through impatience, frustration, sadness, anger, boredom, and dislike of a task or situation is difficult and even painful for you. If you are low on stamina, you find it difficult to establish and meet both short and long-term goals. Life feels like an uphill struggle and you have the feeling that others are moving through life more smoothly and swiftly than you are.

How do you build stamina? Just at the moment you want to give up, you must persist and push through.

Wash one more dish, exercise one minute more, study 60-seconds longer, focus on your task at hand past the fatigue mark. Then, next time 120 seconds longer and so on. The more you do this, the stronger you will make your stamina or ability to tolerate, persevere, and push through to reach both short and long term goals. Bruce Springsteen's 3 plus hour shows are certainly not easy and Mr. Springsteen is an excellent example of an individual with high stamina.

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